About us

Bloks ice cube factory produces and markets ice cubes that are made in Finland with Finnish water.
Our mission is to make people happy by keeping their drinks cool.

Arto Manninen and his brother Harri Vigilant founded the first Finnish national-scale ice cube factory in Salo in 2013.

Many people have asked how they came up with such a wild idea as founding an ice cube factory.

Arto Manninen answers: “I was on a hunting trip in Southern Estonia in mid-winter. We stopped in the middle of nowhere to buy windscreen washer fluid. I saw ice cubes for sale at the service station and I thought that if they sell here, they will certainly sell in Finland as well.”


Bloks pakkauslinja


Bloks aurinkopaneelit

Social Responsibility

We Finns need each other to succeed, and therefore our company uses Finnish services as much as possible. We work with a Finnish bank, insurance company, transport company and customers.

We also want to employ local young people and use local services as much as we can. Our factory is in Finland in Halikko in the city of Salo. We are both domestic and local.

The quality and safety of our products consist of a long process, which is described in more detail in social media

  • All the energy used in the factory is produced by solar power, some of which we make ourselves. We have a solar power plant on our factory roof.
  • We use recycled pallets
  • All our ice cube packaging materials are recyclable
  • We hire young people and educate them on the rules of working life and on technology