Finnish ice cubes
for restaurants and events.

Bloks Ice Cubes – made in Finland with 100% solar power

▶ Cool down drinks in a matter of seconds.
▶ Don’t water down drinks like the hollow or small ice cubes of restaurant ice cube machines.
▶ Save time, money and nerves.
▶ Last longer than ordinary ice cubes because they are produced so that no air gets trapped inside the ice and they are frozen in a -20°C chamber..



Bloks baari
Bloks jääpalapakkaus 1,5 kg

Bloks ice cubes 4 kg

Contains approx. 200 cubes.

Sold by all wholesale restaurant suppliers
(both cash-and-carry stores and wholesale delivery services)
all over Finland.

A small pub or restaurant does not necessarily
benefit from having its own ice cube machine.

If the monthly consumption of ice is 100 kg or less, it makes sense to acquire it from a cash-and-carry wholesale store or order it from a wholesale delivery service. All you need is a freezer.

Bloks ice cubes also available in 1.5 kg packaging.
The package contains about 75 pieces.


Convenient to use

1. You can take the ice cubes
from the freezer even half an hour before use.

2. Hit the ice bag against a countertop
to loosen the ice cubes.

3. Serve your drink.
Dense Bloks premium ice cubes
cool down a drink from room temperature
in a matter of seconds.



Bloks jääpaloja ja smoothiet


I’m organising an event. Where can I buy Bloks ice cubes?

You will find Bloks ice cubes in all wholesale restaurant supply stores throughout Finland.

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